Thumbprint Heart Magnets

Thumbprint Heart Magnets

These cute little thumbprint heart magnets were easy to make and perfect for Valentine’s Day! We’ve also made them to give as gifts for other holidays as well.


First, have your child use ink to stamp thumbprints in the shape of a heart on a piece of white paper. Let dry completely.

Then use the mod podge to glue the flat side of the clear gems on top of the thumbprint hearts and let dry completely. Word of warning, if your clear gems have ridges on the flat side, use minimal glue or it’ll start to show uneven glue lines and spots. It’s also possible you could find gems that are more flat. We just made a ton and used the best ones 🙂

Using scissors, cut the paper to the size of the clear gems.

Using the mod podge again, glue the magnets to the back of the paper and let dry.

That’s it! Gift them, enjoy them! Another idea, instead of thumbprint hearts is to use a decorative fabric, scrapbook paper, or even photos to make these magnets! Share pictures of your fun magnet creations too!

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