Easy Heart Hairstyle

Heart HairOur favorite hairstyle for Valentine’s Day is a heart shape! Here are instructions so you can do it too. It’s easy!
Heart Hair 1First, section off some hair and secure with a rubber band. I personally love using an inexpensive plastic rat tail comb like this one to section hair.
Heart Hair 2Slide the rubber band down a little and split the hair above the rubber band in half.
Heart Hair 3Now you want to pull the ponytail through the hole you just made. Do this by rotating the rubber band down towards the head, then up through the hole.
Heart Hair 4Pull the ponytail all the way through.
Heart Hair 5It should now look like this.
Heart Hair 6Pull the rubber band tight.
Heart Hair 7Use water or hair gel to get the ponytail smooth. Then divide into 2 equal sections.
Heart Hair 8Individually twist each section in the direction of the other one. This means the left section will twist over to the right, and the right section will twist over to the left. Keep twisting until you have the size heart you like. Secure the 2 ends together in a rubber band.
Heart HairThat’s it!
Heart Hair with RibbonYou can also decorate with ribbons…
Heart Hair with GlitterOr our personal favorite is to sprinkle with glitter!

I hope you found this hairstyle easy to do. Share pictures of your creations too!

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Thumbprint Heart Magnets

Thumbprint Heart Magnets

These cute little thumbprint heart magnets were easy to make and perfect for Valentine’s Day! We’ve also made them to give as gifts for other holidays as well.


First, have your child use ink to stamp thumbprints in the shape of a heart on a piece of white paper. Let dry completely.

Then use the mod podge to glue the flat side of the clear gems on top of the thumbprint hearts and let dry completely. Word of warning, if your clear gems have ridges on the flat side, use minimal glue or it’ll start to show uneven glue lines and spots. It’s also possible you could find gems that are more flat. We just made a ton and used the best ones 🙂

Using scissors, cut the paper to the size of the clear gems.

Using the mod podge again, glue the magnets to the back of the paper and let dry.

That’s it! Gift them, enjoy them! Another idea, instead of thumbprint hearts is to use a decorative fabric, scrapbook paper, or even photos to make these magnets! Share pictures of your fun magnet creations too!

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Kids Valentine’s Day Crafts

Valentine’s Day is coming up! Now that I have an elementary school child, we face the challenge every year of what to give to her classmates. Here are some favorite ideas we’ve made over the last few years!

For some of these crafts I used an old Cricut machine to make the shape cutouts more simple, but you could do it by hand, or buy pre-made shapes at the craft store.

When my daughter was really little I let her color her own valentine’s day cards. Using card stock, I cut a big heart in one color (I used a variety of valentine’s day colors like red, purple, and pink). Then I cut a smaller heart in white card stock. I used the Cricut machine to cut the “Love” word cutout from the white paper. You could also look for paper punches, or even stickers. I gave my daughter some crayons in valentine’s day colors and let her decorate the white paper. Then I used a glue stick to glue the white heart on the colored heart. Don’t forget to sign her name somewhere! We did it on the back, but you could also put it on the front.

Similar to the heart above, I cut out 2 butterfly shapes in different sizes and colors. I used the template from here I printed a bunch on plain white paper. Then I printed out one more in a slightly bigger size (use your print settings to scale to a higher percent until you like the difference). Then I used that larger size as a template to cut out from glitter card stock in bright valentine’s day colors. Glue them together with a glue stick. I used a hole punch on the pre-marked holes. Then add googly eye stickers to tootsie pops and poke them through!

This valentine looks like those conversation heart candies, but it’s a pocket with candy inside! I cut out 2 hearts of the same size in valentine’s day colored card stock. Then added stickers for the words (you can tell I used different font and size stickers here because finding a ton of the same was difficult). I punched holes along the edge used a simple hole punch. Then I laced white yarn on a plastic needle and had my daughter lace around the cards. Before it was fully closed we put a piece of candy inside! Then I tied at bow on the back so they can easily open and get their candy back out.

This is the easiest valentine! We did these when my daughter was in her slime phase. I bought Valentine’s Day slime from Oriental Trading company. It even has little heart glitter shapes inside. Warning: when you buy bulk slime it does tend to be more watery. My daughter likes it, but it is more messy. You can also make your own, but then you have to buy containers anyway. I liked that this was pretty much done for me! Then I got on my computer and made a simple red circle to the right size with the words “Happy Valen-Slime Day! From Ella”. I printed out a bunch and cut them buy hand. Then glue them to the top of the container. I used Modge Podge, but have found it’s starting to peel up, so I’d recommend a glue stick instead.

These valentine love bugs took a little more work, but were definitely the cutest! I bought a bunch of multi-colored pom poms at the craft store. I cut some pipe cleaners short, folded them in half, and glued the middle folded part to the top of a pom pom. On the ends of the pipe cleaners I wrapped them around some little open heart glitter that I found. If you don’t add the heart glitter to the ends, it’s still important that you fold the pipe cleaners down to avoid sharp pointy ends! I glued googly eyes to the face. Then I glued heart stickers on the bottom for feet. For glue, any craft glue should work, but I used Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue. We used varieties of colors for fun. You can also attach them to a valentine card, or add a little slip of paper with the recipient and your name.

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