Easy Heart Hairstyle

Heart HairOur favorite hairstyle for Valentine’s Day is a heart shape! Here are instructions so you can do it too. It’s easy!
Heart Hair 1First, section off some hair and secure with a rubber band. I personally love using an inexpensive plastic rat tail comb like this one to section hair.
Heart Hair 2Slide the rubber band down a little and split the hair above the rubber band in half.
Heart Hair 3Now you want to pull the ponytail through the hole you just made. Do this by rotating the rubber band down towards the head, then up through the hole.
Heart Hair 4Pull the ponytail all the way through.
Heart Hair 5It should now look like this.
Heart Hair 6Pull the rubber band tight.
Heart Hair 7Use water or hair gel to get the ponytail smooth. Then divide into 2 equal sections.
Heart Hair 8Individually twist each section in the direction of the other one. This means the left section will twist over to the right, and the right section will twist over to the left. Keep twisting until you have the size heart you like. Secure the 2 ends together in a rubber band.
Heart HairThat’s it!
Heart Hair with RibbonYou can also decorate with ribbons…
Heart Hair with GlitterOr our personal favorite is to sprinkle with glitter!

I hope you found this hairstyle easy to do. Share pictures of your creations too!

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