Easy DIY Doll Jewelry

Doll BraceletIt’s easy to make doll bracelets and necklaces with a few simple supplies!

My 7 year old daughter loved making them herself as well.


To start you cut a length of elastic bead cord a little longer than the length you want the jewelry piece to be. For instance, for the bracelet, I looped the cord around the wrist, then added a bit more for the knot.

Doll BraceletTie a knot at one end of the bead cord just to keep your beads from falling off as you string them. Then start adding beads and charms! For an 18″ doll bracelet it took 39 beads and 1 charm. Once you have it the length you want, then tie a simple knot with the 2 ends, cut the extra, and enjoy!

You can use a variety of colors or charms, although I used the star charm because we were making them for an American Girl theme party.

Doll Bracelet

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