DIY Ballet Barre

Ballet Bedroom

This has been one of my more popular projects! A ballerina bedroom with ballet barre! My daughter wanted to be a ballerina and loved this barre!

Make sure wherever you pick to put it in the room has floor space in front of it for your child to dance and move without hitting anything!

I looked online and found a giant mirror with height 59.5″ and width 39.5″. I wanted something tall enough to be full length, and fit the width of the space perfectly. I figured this was worth the investment since even when she’s a teenager she’ll still love having a big mirror.

For the barre you can certainly look online and just buy a wall mounted ballet barre. However, I didn’t like the look of the mounting brackets and lengths were limited. I tried a ton of lumber and hardware stores and couldn’t find the diameter I needed. Then I found an online stair railing website that would cut to any size you needed! Stair railings were the perfect diameter (I got 1.75″ diameter), and there was a ton of colors in different price ranges to choose from! I ordered the length I needed and it shipped right to my house. Make sure when you determine the length of your barre that you leave extra space for the brackets, and room for it to hang longer at the ends. My barre is 51.5″ long.

Then I ordered curtain rod brackets in the color I wanted. You do need to make sure you get ones that fit the larger 1.75″ diameter.

Finally I installed everything to the wall. Make sure the mirror is safely attached. Then I installed the curtain rod brackets so the barre would be 31″ from the floor to the top of the barre. Feel free to install higher or lower based on the height of your child, or measure the height of the barre they use at class.

Then we added some ballerina knick knacks and vinyl ballerinas on the wall to complete the look. Even though she switched from ballet to gymnastics she still loves using that space to practice, or even to just dance for fun! And the barre helps with fort building too!

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